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Noni fruit essence

Offer price€31,95 EUR

Mixsoon's fruit noni essence provides the skin with intense hydration for a fresh and healthy complexion. This essence contains raw material that was carefully selected for constant skin change, not just momentary hydration. Noni fruit grows in tropical regions and is also known as a medicinal fruit as it contains more than 200 nutrients, vitamins and minerals that protect the balance of the skin and prevent damage. This essence has a strengthening effect and ensures healthy and luminous skin. Restores the skin barrier damaged by external stimuli to make the skin more resistant and balanced, reducing the risk of acne and redness.

  • Vol. 100 ml.
  • Vegan · Cruelty free · Natural
  • For all skin types, ideal mature skin
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Noni fruit essence
Noni fruit essence Offer price€31,95 EUR

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