I'm sure if you like the world of beauty you've heard about this new trend in skin care known as Skin Minimalism or "Skinimalism". This is an alt...

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    Descubre tu tipo de Piel

    Discover your skin type

    SKIN TYPES There are basically 5 types of skin : fat mixed normal dry or dehydrated sensitive Knowing your skin type can help you choose ...

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    Piel cansada o estresada

    tired or stressed skin

    I think that none of us are saved from saying that fatigue, stress and haste have not affected us in our lives at some point. Our skin is our let...

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    Cosmética Coreana Natural

    Natural Korean Cosmetics

    We welcome you to the first publication of Tōke Natura. We bring to you the best of natural Korean cosmetics from the Canary Islands, with a caref...

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    Radiant skin is the result of a proper facial routine, which means wearing less makeup to let your skin glow.

    Michael Coulombe