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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires a lot of pampering and special care and is characterized by being very thin, transparent and fragile. Because it requires special care, discover more tips here

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BEST SELLERSave 10%     CCC CreamCCC Cream
CLE Cosmetics
CCC Cream
Offer price€32,40 EUR Regular price€36,00 EUR
    Centella Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++Centella Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++
    Feel so fresh TonerFeel so fresh Toner
Feel so fresh Toner
Offer price€21,95 EUR
    Ginseng moist sun serumGinseng moist sun serum
    Day by Day cleansing gelDay by Day cleansing gel
Day by Day cleansing gel
Offer price€22,95 EUR
    Rosemary Hair Thickening ConditionerRosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner
    Peach Blossom Overnight Facial MaskPeach Blossom Overnight Facial Mask
    A calming day AmpouleA calming day Ampoule
A calming day Ampoule
Offer price€30,95 EUR
    Pumpkin Wash Off MaskPumpkin Wash Off Mask
House of Dohwa
Pumpkin Wash Off Mask
Offer price€14,95 EUR
Save 10%     Calendula Juicy CreamCalendula Juicy Cream
Calendula Juicy Cream
Offer price€30,55 EUR Regular price€33,95 EUR
NOVELTY     Natural Cleansing OilNatural Cleansing Oil
Natural Cleansing Oil
Offer price€29,95 EUR
Save 10%     Balancing Mild CleanserBalancing Mild Cleanser
Balancing Mild Cleanser
Offer price€26,10 EUR Regular price€29,00 EUR
NOVELTY     Radiance Cleansing BalmRadiance Cleansing Balm
    Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing OilGentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil Klairs
    Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner - Soothing Facial TonerHeartleaf 77% Soothing Toner - Soothing Facial Toner
Save 40%     Classic hand and nail cream - Geranium & Sandal WoodClassic hand and nail cream - Geranium & Sandal Wood
Classic hand and nail cream - Geranium & Sandal Wood
Offer price€15,57 EUR Regular price€25,95 EUR
NEWSave 10%     Classic hand and nail cream - Bergamot & SageClassic hand and nail cream - Bergamot & Sage
Classic hand and nail cream - Bergamot & Sage
Offer price€21,55 EUR Regular price€23,95 EUR
    Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing MousseComforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse
BEST SELLERSold out     Orange Cleansing sherbetOrange Cleansing sherbet
Orange Cleansing sherbet
Offer price€30,95 EUR
Sold out     Freshly Juiced Vitamin DropFreshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
Offer price€26,95 EUR
Sold out     Freshly Juiced Vitamin E MaskFreshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask
Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask
Offer price€29,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Gentle Black Deep Cleansing OilGentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil
Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil
Offer price€23,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Reviving rose infusion cream cleanser aromaticaReviving rose infusion cream cleanser
BEST SELLERSold out     Tea tree balancing foaming CleanserTea tree balancing foaming Cleanser
BACKSold out     Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment tonerReviving Rose Infusion Treatment toner
Sold out     Natural Aloe Aqua Cream AromaticaNatural Aloe Aqua Cream Aromatica
Soothing Aloe Aqua Cream
Offer price€19,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Illuminating Supple blemish Cream SPF 40 · PA++ KlairsIlluminating Supple blemish Cream SPF 40 · PA++ Klairs
BACKSold out     My soft grain scrubMy soft grain scrub
My soft grain scrub
Offer price€17,95 EUR
Sold out     Rice Bran TonerRice Bran Toner
House of Dohwa
Rice Bran Toner
Offer price€31,95 EUR
Sold out     Skin Reboot Antioxidant Serum IREN SkinSKIN REBOOT Antioxidant Serum
Sold out     Tea tree balancing TonerTea tree balancing Toner
Tea tree balancing Toner
Offer price€32,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Fresh Moment Cleansing OilFresh moment cleansing oil Sioris
Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil
Offer price€29,95 EUR
Sold out     Trouble clear AHA PHA ampoule
Trouble clear AHA PHA ampoule
Offer price€26,95 EUR
Sold outSave 20%     Let me refresh foam cleanserLet me refresh foam cleanser
Let me refresh foam cleanser
Offer price€15,97 EUR Regular price€19,96 EUR
Sold outSave 20%     Muldream All Green Mild Facial Cream
Muldream All Green Mild Facial Cream
Offer price€23,16 EUR Regular price€28,95 EUR
Sold out     Madagascar Centella Toning TonerMadagascar Centella Toning Toner
Sold out     Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing OilBlack Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil
NOVELTYSold out     Black rice bakuchiol eye creamBlack rice bakuchiol eye cream
Sold out     Rice Bran Facial MoisturizerRice Bran Facial Moisturizer
Sold out     Natural Coconut Cleansing oilNatural Coconut Cleansing oil
NOVELTYSold out     Black rice hyaluronic toner for sensitive skinBlack rice hyaluronic toner for sensitive skin
Sold outSave 40%     Treatment EssenceTreatment Essence
Treatment Essence
Offer price€28,80 EUR Regular price€48,00 EUR
Sold outSave 40%     Comforting CreamComforting Cream
Comforting Cream
Offer price€24,00 EUR Regular price€40,00 EUR
NEWSold out     Lucent OilLucent Oil
Lucent Oil
Offer price€60,00 EUR
NEWSold out     Aromatic Face CleanserAromatic Face Cleanser
Aromatic Face Cleanser
Offer price€29,00 EUR
Sold out     Panax Ginseng Root essencePanax Ginseng Root essence
Panax Ginseng Root essence
Offer price€34,95 EUR
Sold out     Black Rice Soft Peeling GelBlack Rice Soft Peeling Gel
Sold out     Calm Me DownCalm Me Down
Calm Me Down
Offer price€34,95 EUR


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We have all kinds of products designed specifically for sensitive skin. We are specialists in natural cosmetics and that is why all our products are organic and are not tested on animals.

Sensitive skin is characterized by its low tolerance to the action of external agents such as sudden changes in temperature, excess humidity or dryness in the environment or even pollution itself which, for people with normal skin, does not cause no type of effect or reaction.

This is because people with sensitive skin have some type of dysfunction in their protective barrier, thus causing toxins and potentially irritating agents to penetrate the skin, generating stinging, itching or redness.

In this way, sensitive skin requires specific care for its treatment, which is why it is recommended to use cosmetic products free of silicones , artificial perfumes, phthalates or alcohol, among other substances; since they are reactive agents that cause injuries to sensitive skin.

More and more people with atopic dermatitis, rosacea or acne are using products for sensitive skin since they are cosmetics that have a specific formulation for the care of this type of skin.

Therefore, products for sensitive skin have moisturizing active ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties that provide a calming effect on the skin, thus contributing to its care and accelerating the regeneration of skin lipids.

At Toke Natura we have lotions, creams or oils among other products for sensitive skin, which have been specifically formulated to provide hydration and elasticity to this type of skin, thus reducing itching and revitalizing the restoration of skin tissue.



The best products that we can find on the market for the treatment of sensitive skin are natural cosmetics, since the ingredients that make up their formulation do not include dyes, perfumes or any other type of reactive agent that could irritate this type of skin.

In this way, using natural cosmetic items for sensitive skin is very beneficial for treating dermatological pathologies as diverse as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea; since these products have been made only with natural ingredients, therefore being careful and respectful of our skin.

Furthermore, natural cosmetics for sensitive skin are characterized by the use of extracts and oils of plant origin that provide these cosmetics with antiseptic, purifying and moisturizing properties ; thus contributing to our skin looking healthy and full of vitality.

For this reason, our collection of natural cosmetics for sensitive skin has been designed so that people with skin conditions can eliminate all traces of dirt from their face without causing itching or peeling of the skin.

In this way, our moisturizing creams provide a calming effect that contributes not only to decongesting the skin, but also to combat dryness without irritation. In addition, natural cosmetics for sensitive skin also stand out for presenting a multitude of vitamins and minerals of plant origin that will make your skin look more beautiful and healthy.

Therefore, if you are looking for natural and ecological cosmetic items for the treatment of sensitive skin , we recommend that you visit the Toke Natura online store to see our entire line of products for sensitive skin.