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hair treatments

We offer the best products for the treatment of all types of hair or hair. Our creams, shampoos and hair products are made from sustainable materials and have not been tested on animals.

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BEST SELLER     Rosemary Scalp Scaling ShampooRosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo
Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo
Offer priceFrom €19,95 EUR
    Rosemary Hair Thickening ConditionerRosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner
    Clean butter shampoo barClean butter shampoo bar
    Clean butter hair pack barClean butter hair pack bar
Save 10%     Tea Tree Purifying ShampooTea Tree Purifying Shampoo
Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo
Offer price€27,86 EUR Regular price€30,95 EUR
BACK     Rosemary Scalp 3 in 1 treatmentRosemary Scalp 3 in 1 treatment
    Quinoa Protein Treatment MaskQuinoa Protein Treatment Mask
    Lavender & Patchouli Ritual Hair OilLavender & Patchouli Ritual Hair Oil
NEWSave 10%     Revitalizing Hair Soap with Baobab Oil and SpirulinaRevitalizing Hair Soap with Baobab Oil and Spirulina
Revitalizing Hair Soap with Baobab Oil and Spirulina
Offer price€10,35 EUR Regular price€11,50 EUR
    Fresh Spirit Smoothing ShampooFresh Spirit Smoothing Shampoo
Fresh Spirit Smoothing Shampoo
Offer price€24,00 EUR
NEWSave 40%     Damage repair treatment maskDamage repair treatment mask
Damage repair treatment mask
Offer price€24,30 EUR Regular price€40,50 EUR
NEWSave 40%     Volumizing Shapooing scrubVolumizing Shapooing scrub
Volumizing Shapooing scrub
Offer price€25,20 EUR Regular price€42,00 EUR
BACKSold out     Rosemary Root EnhancerRosemary Root Enhancer
Rosemary Root Enhancer
Offer price€15,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Rosemary Scalp ScrubRosemary Scalp Scrub
Rosemary Scalp Scrub
Offer price€19,95 EUR
Sold out     Quinoa protein ShampooQuinoa protein Shampoo
Quinoa protein Shampoo
Offer price€34,95 EUR
Sold out     Tea Tree Purifying TonicTea Tree Purifying Tonic
Tea Tree Purifying Tonic
Offer price€23,95 EUR
Sold outSave 30%     Real Grow Anti Hair Loss Stimulating ScalpReal grow anti hair loss stimulating scalp spray Rated green
Rated Green
Real Grow Anti Hair Loss Stimulating Scalp
Offer price€13,96 EUR Regular price€19,95 EUR
BACKSold out     Quinoa Protein Hair AmpouleQuinoa Protein Hair Ampoule
Quinoa Protein Hair Ampoule
Offer price€24,95 EUR
Sold outSave 30%     Cold press Tamanu Oil soothing scalp packCold press Tamanu Oil soothing scalp rated green
Rated Green
Cold press Tamanu Oil soothing scalp pack
Offer price€13,96 EUR Regular price€19,95 EUR
Sold outSave 30%     Cold brew Rosemary balancing scalpCold brew Rosemary balancing scalp rated green
Rated Green
Cold brew Rosemary balancing scalp
Offer price€13,96 EUR Regular price€19,95 EUR
Sold outSave 30%     Real Tamanu cold press Soothing Scalp ShampooReal tamanu cold press soothing scalp shampoo rated green
Rated Green
Real Tamanu cold press Soothing Scalp Shampoo
Offer price€18,16 EUR Regular price€25,95 EUR
Sold out     Rosemary Active V Anti-Hair Loss TonicRosemary Active V Anti-Hair Loss Tonic
Sold outSave 15%     Rosemary Scalp Exfoliation & NourishmentRosemary Scalp Exfoliation & Nourishment
Rosemary Scalp Exfoliation & Nourishment
Offer price€99,25 EUR Regular price€116,76 EUR
NOVELTYSold outSave 15%     Quinoa set for damaged hairQuinoa set for damaged hair
Quinoa set for damaged hair
Offer price€69,95 EUR Regular price€82,30 EUR
Save 10%     Clean Butter Hair Pack SolidClean Butter Hair Pack Solid
Juice to cleanse
Clean Butter Hair Pack Solid
Offer price€25,11 EUR Regular price€27,90 EUR

Hair Product Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommended for use with a dryer, it leaves hair manageable, soft, shiny but does not weigh it down or leave it greasy.


A smell!!!!! I use it on dry and damp hair, to hydrate the ends. I like it 😊.


I have been using the product for about 8-9 days. And today my hair seems to be falling out less.

Soft, hydrated and very shiny hair

The texture and aroma it leaves in the bathroom is amazing!

I love this shampoo!

I no longer use conventional shampoos.

Cosméticos naturales

Natural hair products

We take care of your hair

We have a wide range of natural products focused on hair treatment. Our entire catalog is 100% eco-friendly and without animal cruelty

Discover our vegan hair products

Hair treatments with natural cosmetics

When our hair looks weakened, brittle or dull, we need to undergo a hair treatment that will help us progressively get our hair back to that silky and full of vitality look that it looked like before.

For this reason, at Toke Natura we have different hair treatments with natural cosmetics , each of which has been specifically designed to provide a solution to a different type of hair problem.

In this way, in our online store you can find hair treatments with natural cosmetics indicated both to strengthen and combat hair loss , as well as to purify, hydrate or give volume to our hair; thus making our hair look strong, healthy and clean.

Therefore, if you want to know all our natural cosmetic hair treatments , we encourage you to visit the Toke Natura online store to discover these and other products related to hair care.

Our vegan hair products

We take care of your hair and the environment

Benefits of using natural cosmetic products for hair

Natural hair products

There are different reasons why our hair does not have that lustrous appearance that we so desire, with stress and environmental factors being two of the aspects that most harm the health and strength of our hair.

However, there is another factor that is easier to control and that also affects the vitality of our hair and it is none other than the type of hair products we use to care for it.

In this way, the shampoos, masks and conditioners that we can find in conventional stores are made with a large number of artificial ingredients such as sulfates, parabens or silicones, whose prolonged use can not only dry out the scalp and increase the secretion of sebum in this zone; but also produce a loss of hair color; making our hair look dry, brittle and lifeless.

For this reason, more and more people are deciding to give natural hair cosmetic products a chance, since plant-based ingredients have been used to make them that provide multiple benefits to our hair.

In this way, natural hair care products have nutritional and repairing properties , since they use extracts and essences from plants for their manufacture; thus becoming an ideal product for hair care.

In addition, natural cosmetic products for hair allow us to show off healthy and shiny hair while contributing to the preservation of the environment, since these types of shampoos and conditioners have not only been manufactured with natural and environmentally friendly elements. environment, but they are also vegan hair cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.

Therefore, if you want to know more about vegan and natural hair care products , we recommend that you take a complete look at the Toke Natura catalog to discover all that we currently have on our website.