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Article: The best Korean hair cosmetics: 5 tips

cosmetica coreana para el pelo

The best Korean hair cosmetics: 5 tips

We all know the great offer there is in Korea in terms of facial care. Now, Korean hair cosmetics have become an element to take into account due to the enviable and soft hair that Korean women have. It is the result of using natural Korean hair cosmetics .

The way each person takes care of their hair says a lot about themselves: if they take good care of themselves, if they feel good. Hair changes, so do people. Therefore, it is important to include a good hair routine in our daily lives. That is why at Toke Natura we are going to give you 5 tips for good use of Korean cosmetics in your hair.

5 applications of Korean cosmetics for hair

In Korea , the hair routine is almost as important as eating. The careful and routine development of natural hair products means that their daily application is marked as a priority. Korean hair cosmetics also help prevent hair loss thanks to its wide range of natural products.

Without going much further, let's go with Toke Natura's advice for applying Korean hair cosmetics .

First tip: exfoliate

This step is useful to remove dead cells from the scalp, which we will remove later with shampoo. In Korea, Korean women usually use a brush before washing their hair. But do you know what is used in Korean hair cosmetics? Indeed, the hair exfoliant .

This product is applied to wet hair, massaged to the roots and later removed with water. A powerful and refreshing sensation that, when included in your routine, at least once a week, will generate a better adaptation of the hair to any situation and type of hair, whether oily or more washed.


Well, now our scalp is prepared and ready to drink endless nutrients! It is essential to remove any traces of impurities that remain after applying the exfoliant, especially dead cells. And this is where the shampoo moment comes .

With this shampoo, you can enjoy a product that includes 97% natural ingredients, free of oils, sulfates and silicones that are harmful to the health of the hair and the user. In addition, it is suitable for all hair types, adapting to any audience. You will enjoy softer and looser hair, as well as clean and shiny.

Korean natural hair cosmetics shampoos go beyond cleaning the hair, they also provide properties that work to care for the hair fiber in a concentrated way. Furthermore, if we compare the Western routine, we see how the Korean hair routine does not use double shampoo, a suitable one is enough.

korean natural cosmetics for hair

Third tip: untangle

One of the most important steps for good hair care is coming. Conditioning hair is a vital process to prevent breakage in the long term, as well as making hair look more beautiful. Our recommendation is this natural conditioner , with which you can nourish your hair with a large selection of natural ingredients.

If you have hair that is dry and rough to the touch, this Korean hair cosmetics product will produce an unparalleled result as long as it is left on for 3 minutes and removed with water, in the same way as a regular conditioner but with other results.

Hair nutrition

Carrying out this process, at least once a week, will greatly strengthen your hair if it is very dry. You can even use it as what is known as a shock treatment to restore the health of your hair after the summer. In addition, Korean hair cosmetics have natural hair masks , which will revive your hair easily.

You just have to let the product act for 10 minutes and gently remove it with water once the estimated time has passed. There are people who even choose to add oils to the ends when they look very damaged, being a very useful way to nourish the hair.

korean hair cosmetics

Protection and strengthening

We have reached the last step! So, once you reach this point, it is key that you use a natural strengthener so that your hair does not fall out excessively or become weak. The application process is also very simple. It is applied to the roots, so that the focus is placed on scalp care through natural ingredients.

Thanks to these tips and with the best Korean cosmetics products for hair, you will be able to enjoy hair care with the best Korean applications, being able to show off shiny, fine, strong and soft hair. If you still have questions, visit our website and contact us.

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