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Article: The best Japanese cosmetic brands 2024

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The best Japanese cosmetic brands 2024

We have realized that we are still in the first month of the year and we have not yet talked about the Japanese cosmetic brands that are going to break all the molds in 2024. And that cannot be, we know. Likewise, we believe that all this has an easy solution.

So don't suffer any more, we are here with a new post that will help you buy Japanese cosmetics in a conscious way and taking into account that you can access the best products in a quick and affordable way thanks to the facilities of Toke Natura.

What criteria should you follow to choose the best brands?

Before getting into Japanese cosmetics and its best brands, it is crucial to take into account a series of aspects that will be key when choosing a certain brand. All this, in order to ensure the best quality to offer the best care experience.

And Japanese culture brings with it a long tradition when it comes to skin and hair care . For years, even centuries, Japanese women have based their model on natural ingredients accompanied by ancient techniques that have maintained their beauty.

Japanese cosmetics are increasingly popular around the world. Its products are characterized by their high quality, innovation and effectiveness , and adapt to all skin types. Furthermore, the number of rituals and exclusive processes that are followed to reinforce each product highlight a cosmetics that is increasingly global.

Why will Japanese cosmetics brands stand out?

Japanese beauty focuses on three key principles that add a lot when choosing the best brands when choosing one product or another. This is why Japanese beauty is based on:


Specialized Japanese cosmetic brands require good moisturizing products such as micellar waters, lotions, serums and even the moisturizers themselves. And a large part of the Japanese beauty routine cannot be understood without a good hydration treatment.

Solar protection

You have no idea how much Japanese women take care of their skin from the sun. In their care process they frequently use sun protection products. And it is normal, since the sun is the main factor in skin aging and it is essential to take care of it with care and using the best quality.

Facial care routine

Japanese women spend a lot of time caring for their faces every day. It is also very interesting how they focus the treatment on several phases, adding value to each step for better skin and facial care treatment. Processes that can even take up to 30 minutes.

Which Japanese cosmetic brands are going to reign in 2024?

Well, we're not messing around anymore. We have already told you why Japanese cosmetic products stand out and how they apply it in Japan itself. So, the time has come. It's time to meet the brands that are going to break all the molds in 2024.


Founded in 2006 by Chico Shigeta, this Franco-Japanese brand is one of the sensations in the world of Japanese cosmetics . The perfect balance between natural ingredients and the best Japanese beauty techniques make this brand a trend this year.

At Toke Natura, Shigeta products are known for their effectiveness and gentleness, offering a wide range of skin and hair care products, all formulated with natural ingredients and applicable to a complete and elaborate Japanese daily routine.

Ipsum Alii

One of the most complete Japanese cosmetic brands. They use scientifically tested ingredients and are made in the ancient Japanese way. Also using Kampo medicinal herbs, ideal for balancing the skin. All this, forging an unparalleled restoration exercise.

Ipsum Alii is causing a sensation and at Toke Natura you can access its best skin products. You will be able to enjoy its exclusive KI element, which improves blood circulation, helping to eliminate dead cells and allowing greater skin regeneration.


Tamahonada is going to be one of the Japanese cosmetic brands that will grow the most in the coming years. Its wide range of natural soaps help build a quality routine thanks to its properties that promote hydration thanks to its natural and traditional methods.

Iren Skin

Iren Skin is a Japanese cosmetics brand that, in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, is defined as 'scientifically clean', meaning that its products are formulated with ingredients that have been tested and proven.

Furthermore, it is one of those brands that mixes tradition with Japanese rituals , generating a unique experience throughout the routine. Enter Toke Natura and access the best Iren Skin products.

Do you want to continue discovering the best Japanese beauty ? Visit Toke Natura and start taking care of yourself with the best products on the market. The best offer of vegan, natural, Korean and Japanese cosmetics in just one click. Do not miss it!

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