How to Achieve Radiant Skin with the Korean Double Cleansing Routine
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Article: The 10 best steps of the Korean routine

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The 10 best steps of the Korean routine

Korean cosmetics are here to stay. And it is a world as fascinating as K-Beauty, where beauty becomes a ritual. In this post, we are going to show 10 Korean routine steps with which you will see a large number of benefits when it comes to caring for your skin in a healthy way.

And the core of the Korean routine is the 'layering process', a beauty method in which products are applied layer by layer starting from the densest one, allowing the skin to absorb all the properties in a more efficient way. and with the aim of showing off unmatched skin.

But, before moving forward with the Korean facial routine steps , you must know the state of your skin very well in order to select those products that can best help you in your Korean routine process. Therefore, at Toke Natura we are going to teach you 10 steps of the Korean routine .

Step 1: Facial Cleansing Oil

It will scare many of you, especially if you have oily skin. But don't worry, it is a necessary step and unlike water-based cleansers, a goodKorean facial cleanser in your Korean routine penetrates deeply into the skin, preventing the appearance of blackheads and acting as a film that drags away all the dirt. and toxins.

Instructions for use: with dry skin, put a little amount in your hands to warm it and apply to the face, massaging lightly, including the lips and eye area. To remove traces of waterproof makeup. Finish by rinsing with warm water.

Step 2: Aqueous Cleaner

Now that you have removed excess dirt and makeup, your skin is ready for your usual cleanser depending on your skin type, whether it is a gel or foaming base. To do this, it is important to have a water-based cleanser with Korean ingredients, in order to enjoy an authentic experience.

Apply it to your skin and rinse with warm water. You can finish this first double cleansing step with a toner. This Korean routine step is essential to enjoy unmatched skin worthy of the best Korean facial routine style.

Step 3: Exfoliate

It is time to start filing imperfections, blackheads and that congestion that prevents our blood from circulating through the skin. To do this, it is essential to include an exfoliant in your Korean facial routine after each cleansing. In this case, since it is a natural Korean product, you will notice extra softness. And, at Toke Natura, quality is not negotiable.

Step 4: The toner

Among the steps of the Korean routine, the toner is, perhaps, the most important. And it is the primary element within the hydration phase. A product is essential when it comes to maintaining the ideal PH, maintaining a balance between dry and oily areas. It is made up of ingredients that adapt gently to the skin.

Bet on a good tonic that takes care of your skin at the same time that it takes care of your complexion in a soft and shiny way. Add that touch of gotu kola with a product that makes each of your steps in the Korean routine go to another level and make you feel like a different person.

Step 5: Essences

Halfway between the toner and the serum are the essences . A product that gives meaning to our Korean facial routine, since it increases the level of the treatment thanks to its properties, which work at the cellular level, introducing a new method in skin care. You will gain firmness and hydration .

Step 6: Serums

The time has come for the serum, a more compact form of essences, gaining density and therefore providing strength in luminosity and acting directly on aspects such as wrinkles and even acne. And this step of the Korean routine is key.

The properties of a good serum cause the treatment to progress at a good speed and, therefore, we see a more exact result of the treatment we are giving to our skin along these guidelines. You know yourself better than anyone, so go for the best-selling serum in Korea .

Step 7: The facial mask

The single-use facial mask is recommended for use 2-3 times a week, especially after a heavy night, being ideal for big appointments or events where greater skin clarity is required. Its serum concentration makes it easy to immerse in the face, absorbing effectively. Add the masks to your Korean routine steps and you will see results.

Step 8: Use a good eye cream

The skin that awaits the eyes is quite fragile and weak, so a good product is required to give it the special care it deserves. To do this, opt for a Korean eye contour . Apply it lightly (it will improve circulation) in order to hydrate and protect the skin at the same time.

Step 9: Korean Moisturizer

Moisturizing cream is a rare bird in current Korean cosmetics. Not because of its properties, but because of its density, since it is not a typical moisturizing cream. This is used to seal all the Korean routine steps done previously. Korean masks are here and they are here to stay.

Step 10: Sunscreen

And yes, friends. We have reached the end of our adventure of the steps of the Korean routine. We put the finishing touch with the always important use of sun protection . It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or shines, you have to use it even more than in summer. Be sure to use sunscreen in your Korean routine.

It may seem like a lot, but with patience and care you will notice the results and benefits of Korean cosmetics. Even so, if you have any questions, you can visit our website or contact us with any questions or issues to discuss.

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