J-Beauty: the natural Japanese cosmetics that you will want to try
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Article: J-Beauty: the natural Japanese cosmetics that you will want to try

J-Beauty: la cosmética japonesa natural que querrás probar

J-Beauty: the natural Japanese cosmetics that you will want to try

If you are a fan of Korean cosmetics and have experienced on your own skin the benefits and results that its formulas offer, we are sure that you will also want us to tell you EVERYTHING about Japanese cosmetics , since very soon at Toke Natura, we will be joined by exclusive brands of natural Japanese cosmetics, which I hope you fall in love with as you did with us.
In a world where organic and natural products are booming, both in the East and the West, some brands like Shigeta are setting trends for the incredible sensoriality of their products, the innovation in their formulas and for having as their banner a philosophy that we share. 100%: the holistic beauty that takes care of us from the inside out.


Now, who hasn't envied that porcelain skin effect of Japanese women?

In the Japanese country, women incorporate a routine with similarities and differences with Korean cosmetics, with which they manage to delay aging and always have soft, smooth and polished skin texture.

Despite long work hours, Japanese women spend thirty minutes a day taking care of their skin. Innovation is key in Japan , where it is common for both women and men to be committed to taking care of their skin in their daily routine.

Furthermore, Japanese cosmetics products are constantly evolving, improving their formulas, in order to offer specific solutions to specific skin problems.

But, not only is their beauty based on using cosmetics with natural and innovative ingredients , they also take care of their skin and their well-being with these 3 important disciplines in their routine:

  1. Facial massage:

Although many think that facial massage is a modern creation, this technique is another of the Japanese beauty secrets to preserve the youth of the skin.

By activating circulation in the face, instant relief of tension is achieved and a feeling of freshness and rest is regained.

Although the kobido technique emerged in the 15th century, it quickly became the preferred treatment for Japanese empresses to preserve the smoothness and freshness of their youth.

Currently, kobido is one of the most recommended treatments by professionals and celebrities on social networks, which is known as "Japanese facelift without surgery."

  1. Healthy food and little sun:
Good nutrition is essential for the Japanese. A country that stands out for having a low obesity rate, compared to Western countries. This approach is also part of the beauty secrets of Japanese women , to show off impeccable skin.

It is not about following a complex diet: they simply make sure to eat a balanced diet, which incorporates fish, legumes and vegetables. This should be accompanied by good hydration, consuming plenty of water and tea.

In addition to a good diet, it is very important for Japanese women to avoid unprotected or excessive sun exposure , even when using sunscreen.

  1. Do not wash your face excessively

"Skin minimalism" is a philosophy that Japanese women put into practice in their daily facial care: for them, less is more.

Therefore, they try not to abuse extreme cleansing or products that can cause dryness and sensitivity to the skin.

Japanese routines typically include sunscreen products, cleansers, serums, toners, and moisturizing products.


Now we are going to make a comparison between the famous K-beauty and natural Japanese cosmetics (J-beauty). Despite their differences, they both share some similarities:

  • In both cultures, beauty and well-being are connected: Maintaining healthy skin is not only an aesthetic issue, but one more way to have physical and spiritual well-being. This combination of science and nature is more accentuated in Japanese culture, and has greatly influenced many Korean beauty brands.
  • They are aware of the dangers of the sun: In both countries, they pay close attention to daily and year-round use of facial sunscreen. Japanese and Korean women do not skimp on sunglasses, umbrellas and hats to protect themselves from the sun.
  • Facial cleansing is a pillar in both routines: Korean cosmetics stands out for double cleansing, while Japanese women usually use a single water- and oil-based cleanser that removes makeup and impurities in a single step.
  • They use innovative natural active ingredients: As for the ingredients, both cultures use native plants and plant extracts in their formulas, which are extracted from their regions, and the multiple benefits they provide to the skin are proven. 

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