IPSUM ALII: Honest, clean and therapeutic Japanese Cosmetics
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Article: IPSUM ALII: Honest, clean and therapeutic Japanese Cosmetics

IPSUM ALII: Cosmética Japonesa honesta, limpia y terapéutica

IPSUM ALII: Honest, clean and therapeutic Japanese Cosmetics

Discover our latest J-Beauty discovery: a wonderful brand of traditional Japanese facial cosmetics , formulated with Kampo herbal extracts, to soothe sensitive skin, strengthen the skin barrier and deeply regenerate.


Kikoc and Nora met in Tokyo, and later fate brought them together again in Zurich, while raising their young children.

IPSUM ALII was born after many conversations where they realized that, although they were living the dream of being mothers, the daily exhaustion of work-life balance meant that they did not have time to take care of themselves. And this was reflected in the state of his skin.

Both remembered those moments of peace and pleasure in Japan: from the Onsen thermal baths to the world of Kampo medicinal herbs; treatments that had and have a positive impact on the skin and well-being of so many people.

So they decided to embark on a mission: restore balance to their lives, remove blockages, and make sure they take care of their beauty holistically.

And to do this, they decided to bring Japan's powerful Kampo philosophy to Europe through a line of holistic facial cosmetics with clean ingredients, manufactured exclusively in Japan.


Kampo is a system of traditional Japanese medicine, based on botanical and medicinal extracts, that has been used for more than 1,500 years.

The preventive and therapeutic effects of Kampo herbs are very beneficial in terms of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

According to Kampo's belief, blocked circulation or an unbalanced mood can cause different diseases in the medium and long term.

Instead, being healthy inside and out, and showing off beautiful skin, is the result of the harmony and connection between its three concepts: KI, KETSU and SUI.

To do this, Kikoc and Nora decided to formulate and produce 3 facial cosmetic products, based on this ancient medicine.


Take note of these 3 cosmetic gems with healing ingredients, and transform your skin from the inside:

KI - A sallow skin tone without a lack of light is a consequence of a Ki deficiency. The skin has literally run out of energy and needs to be renewed.

To do this, we need to get rid of old skin cells and produce energy to activate blood circulation and provide nutrients to the skin.

This skin stimulation and renewal process is achieved with the Skin Refining Gel .

KETSU - As time goes by, our once firm and lively cheeks look sunken and pale.

This is a sign that we need extra energy from nutrients through our blood cells for more density, luminosity and hydration.

To achieve this, the Adaptogen Nourishing Cream returns the freshness and luminosity of youth to the skin, while providing the nutrients it needs to look firmer and plumper.

SUI - If your skin is very dehydrated and has visible wrinkles, it is a clear sign of lack of hydration, vitamins and nutrients.

Hydration is not only important for your skin to look soft and glowing; Its properties are also necessary to transport nutrients from the blood to the skin cells and vice versa.

The Adaptogen Nourishing Cream restores moisture levels in the dermis, leaving the skin with a smooth and silky texture.

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