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Article: Japanese Cosmetics or J Beauty

Cosmética Japonesa o J · Beauty

Japanese Cosmetics or J Beauty

Korean cosmetics or K · Beauty is already part of our day to day thanks to being one of the best cosmetics in the world and it has come to stay having more and more weight worldwide.

Every day we discover new brands and options that are always at the forefront and one step ahead. Above all, it should be noted that most Korean cosmetic brands are already cruelty free by law (they do not test their products on animals) and are increasingly opting for vegan options, which we love at Tōke Natura.

But, what do we know about Japanese cosmetics or J · Beauty? Although still unknown to many in Spain, little by little it is appearing and letting itself be seen since it is not far behind in terms of quality and offer. Japanese cosmetics represents everything from the products, the routine, the ingredients, the innovative research behind them, and concepts rooted in centuries of Japanese tradition. And for this reason we want to delve little by little and help you discover all its benefits.

It is worth noting 3 essential factors that define Japanese cosmetics:

1. Less is more in Japanese cosmetics, it is about minimalist routines:

Japanese cosmetics is much simpler and focuses mainly on a skin care routine in 3 easy steps: cleanse, moisturize and "seal".

Why so simple? Because the philosophy of Japanese cosmetics seeks to prevent, rather than cure. It is much more important to nail down the basic steps with effective products because those basic concepts are what create a solid foundation. The stronger the base, the fewer products you will need.

This more minimalist approach to skin care is not new to Japanese culture, but rather a routine that has been passed down for centuries, dating back to the Geisha era. Omotenashi is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on paying the utmost attention and respect to your guest. Because skin care was considered part of Omotenashi, geisha took great care of their skin. Their ritual was quite simple and consisted mainly of ingredients used in the traditional Japanese diet, such as rice, seaweed, green tea, and camellia oil. The idea of ​​this very simple skin care routine has been passed down through the generations and still exists in the heart of every Japanese woman to this day.

2. Unique natural ingredients

Your skin's best friends might have been born in Japan. In recent years, matcha has been the hot Japanese ingredient in both beauty and food in many countries. Grown and consumed for centuries in Japan, this antioxidant-rich ingredient has been recognized as a super ingredient for healthy, beautiful skin. Just like matcha, Japan is full of natural treasures that work wonders for your skin.

Ceramide-rich Aomori apples, moisture-locking kombu seaweed, plumping sakekasu, brightening yuzu…the list goes on. These natural ingredients have been considered as true treasures for centuries.

3. Revolutionary research and technology

Some beauty experts estimate that R&D in the Japanese beauty industry is two to three years ahead of countries like the United States. They are often the first to come up with innovative formulas. The reason for its strength in this area may be because Japanese culture values ​​precision and continuous improvement. It's almost embedded in their DNA.

This is another reason why the Japanese cosmetics skincare routine can be so minimalist. Each product is created to extremely high standards and with product development focused on effectiveness. Therefore, there is no need to accumulate unnecessary additional skin products providing maximum effectiveness with a minimum of products.

Here are several routine examples based on the minimalist concepts of Japanese cosmetics:


Step 1. IRÉN Skin enzymatic cleanser


Inspired by traditional Japanese cleansing rituals, this Japanese powder cleanser of rice bran, enzymes, and hyaluronic acid leaves skin soft and smooth.

A triple action powder cleanser that removes dirt, sebum and keratin residue for velvety soft skin. Its non-drying formula comes in the form of an ultra-fine powder that transforms into a rich, creamy lather that is pleasant to the touch, without irritation or friction.

Step 2. IRÉN Skin moisturizing and soothing lotion

This Hydra-Calming Essence Lotion is inspired by traditional Japanese remedies and unique plants. It has a triple defensive action: anti-aging, antioxidant and antibacterial, thanks to a subtle blend of three different plant extracts that act synergistically. Sensitive skin is soothed, collagen production is enhanced, and skin retains moisture better. This calming step is essential after cleansing the face. Maximizes the effectiveness of the rest of the facial routine, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

Step 3. IRÉN Skin Moisturizing and Soothing Serum

This powerful serum with soothing properties uses its Relieve + Hydrate formula to help soothe sensitive skin in two phases: a healing phase that soothes the skin by reducing sensitivity and redness, and a hydrating phase that repairs the natural moisture barrier. of the skin to ensure a quick recovery.

*You can use the serum alone or combine it with up to 3 serums from the IRÉN Skin range according to your skin and needs.


Step 1. Shigeta Paris cleansing milk

Gentle cleansing milk enriched with illuminating rose water and highly nourishing apricot oil to effectively remove make-up and surface impurities, leaving skin feeling comfortable and refreshed for a velvety smooth finish.

Step 2. Shigeta Paris moisturizing cream

A cream with an ultra-comfortable texture enriched with rosehip oil to soften, preserve radiance and protect the skin's youth. Reinforced protection against the signs of aging.

Step 3. Shigeta Paris Serum


A triple action serum: hydrating, brightening and smoothing for energized and radiant skin. Reinforced protection against the signs of aging.

Contains a high concentration of moisturizing, brightening and smoothing active ingredients (seaweed and wheat germ extracts, white rose cells) and is clinically proven to reveal instantly radiant and revitalized skin. Formulated with Shigeta's AGE Detox patent.

Discover more in our Japanese Cosmetics section and don't miss out on all our news and promotions.

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