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Article: The best natural and organic makeup brands for 2024

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The best natural and organic makeup brands for 2024

Yes, the 'eco' way of life is now a reality. The use of natural products and resorting to natural cosmetics is increasingly common in a world where the use of these products is endorsed. And it is no longer just ecological responsibility, but it is also natural beauty.

Furthermore, according to various studies, more than half of Spanish women regularly resort to using natural makeup or organic makeup. Therefore, in this post, we are going to talk to you about the best natural makeup brands that are going to break the mold in 2024.

The best natural cosmetics at Toke Natura

Discover excellence in skin care with the best natural cosmetics . We are proud to offer high-quality organic makeup brands , designed to enhance your beauty in a healthy and sustainable way. In a world where environmental awareness and personal well-being are priorities, we want to be the ideal choice for those looking for products that merge beauty with ecological responsibility.

The organic makeup brands present in our catalog stand out for using natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, thus guaranteeing the health of your skin and the preservation of the environment. At Toke Natura , we believe that true beauty comes from consciously taking care of our planet and ourselves.

From the most conventional makeup products to the most exclusive, our selection of organic makeup brands at Toke Natura gives you the opportunity to express your personal style without compromising environmental ethics. Discover how beauty and responsibility can go hand in hand by exploring our exclusive assortment of natural makeup brands.

Advantages of choosing natural or organic makeup brands

Opting for natural or organic makeup brands has numerous advantages compared to conventional options. Eco-friendly makeup brands have become increasingly popular due to their commitment to sustainability and skin health.

One of the main advantages lies in the use of organic ingredients free of harmful chemicals, which reduces exposure to toxic substances and minimizes the risk of skin irritations.

Additionally, eco-friendly makeup brands often opt for sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, thereby contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and the conservation of natural resources. Using ingredients from sustainable sources also supports responsible agricultural practices.

Another crucial aspect is business ethics, as many organic makeup brands commit to responsible practices , such as not testing on animals. Opting for natural makeup brands not only benefits personal health, but also supports a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

What are the best natural makeup brands?

And without further delay, the most anticipated moment has arrived. The time to present the best natural makeup brands or ecological makeup brands that are going to set the trend for this new year, 2024, where sustainable beauty is going to set the roadmap for personal care.

From new formulas that incorporate organic ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, these brands not only seek to highlight external beauty, but also preserve ecological balance. So, if you want to buy natural makeup , stay until the end.

CLE Cosmetics

CLE Cosmetics is one of the leading brands in sustainable beauty. With its minimalist touch, it offers a wide variety of redefined products with the aim of treating skin and makeup with the best quality on the market. In the case of makeup, it offers a small line, but full of nuances.

In addition, within its catalog, there are innovative products such as the compact with natural sponge . Without a doubt, an ideal natural makeup resource due to its pearl powder content, which provides a long-lasting, soft shine that is very respectful of health and quality. With different shades, you can set the trend and shine on your face.

You can combine it with its ceramide serum , which is appropriate for more sensitive skin that may suffer from dryness and dehydration. And if you live your day-to-day life at a fast pace, CLE natural lipstick is an ideal multipurpose product to fix those time problems due to its rapid effectiveness.


Klairs is a Korean cosmetics brand that is also well-known for its contribution to organic cosmetics. Their products are formulated with natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, carefully selected to be gentle and tolerable for even the most sensitive skin.

Klairs natural highlighter brings light to the face with a special formula based on the best natural ingredients thanks to its wet format, protecting dry and sensitive skin while administering a natural and silky glow, as if it were new skin .


Mixsoon is a Korean skincare brand that is based on the philosophy of minimalist beauty. Their products are characterized by containing only the essential ingredients for the skin, eliminating everything unnecessary. As an organic makeup brand, it has managed to establish itself thanks to a very special product.

Mixsoon's natural lip balm is available at Toke Natura and stands out for being an ideal and long-lasting resource. Unleash passion in a sustainable way with this lipstick that gives off an unmatched red, at the level of very few products. Plus, it blends with body color in a magical way.


We already mentioned this brand when we talked about Japanese cosmetic brands . Shigeta has established itself as one of the most recognized brands in natural cosmetics. In addition, its famous pink aesthetic has won the hearts of many women who choose to entrust their beauty to this ecological and natural makeup brand .

Its natural base is ideal for covering the face in a perfect, careful and conscious way. Taking into account all contexts to adapt to all skin types, it is instantly hydrated and unified with an unmatched aroma, reminiscent of the smell of home with an oriental touch.

And with this and a cake, we have mentioned the best natural makeup brands that are going to rock it in 2024. And, when it comes to the best natural makeup, Toke Natura is your ally. Visit our website and find the best way to take care of yourself with natural and sustainable products.

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