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J-Beauty: la cosmética japonesa natural que querrás probar

J-Beauty: the natural Japanese cosmetics that you will want to try

J-Beauty: la cosmética japonesa natural que querrás probar

J-Beauty: the natural Japanese cosmetics that you will want to try

If you are a fan of Korean cosmetics and have experienced on your own skin the benefits and results that its formulas offer, we are sure that you will also want us to tell you EVERYTHING about Jap...

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¿Qué productos incluir en tu neceser de verano?☀️

What products to include in your summer bag?☀️

During the holidays, we feel like having fun and enjoying every minute, but without neglecting our appearance. For this reason, we seek to show off our best version, but naturally. Without forgetti...

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When temperatures rise, our skin needs a lighter cosmetic routine, but one that hydrates deeply and prevents moisture loss. For this we need formulas with emollient, soothing and antioxidant active...

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Shigeta: la nueva cosmética holística y sensorial

Shigeta: the new holistic and sensory cosmetics

You know that feeling of going into the bathroom to do your facial routine, and feeling like you're in a luxurious spa? That is exactly what shigeta Paris pursues with its exclusive cosmetics: that...

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Descubre cómo la cosmética natural coreana puede ayudarte a tratar la rosácea.

Discover how Korean natural cosmetics can help you treat rosacea

Find out how Korean natural cosmetics can help you treat rosacea.

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Cosmética Japonesa o J · Beauty

Japanese cosmetics or J · Beauty

Korean cosmetics or K · Beauty is already part of our daily lives thanks to being one of the best cosmetics in the world and it has come to stay with increasing weight worldwide. Every day we disc...

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Propiedades higo chumbo para la piel

Prickly pear: a superfood for your skin

Did you know that the prickly pear considerably improves spots and wrinkles and also its use does not impact the environment? The prickly pear or nopal, also known as prickly pear or prickly pear...

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Ingredientes naturales de la Cosmética Coreana

Natural ingredients of Korean Cosmetics

S If you want to know a little more about the main ingredients used in Korean Cosmetics, you cannot miss this article. Read on to discover all the benefits that these naturally deriv...

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Surely if you like the world of beauty you have heard of this new trend in skin care which is known as cutaneous Minimalism or "Skinimalism". This is an alternative to the 10-step routine that is ...

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Descubre tu tipo de Piel

Discover your skin type

SKIN TYPES There are basically 5 types of skin: fat mixed normal dry or dehydrated sensitive Knowing your skin type can help you choose the right products that Korean Cosmetics offers yo...

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