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    Products that make up this pack:

    1. Real grow anti hair loss extra volume shampoo 200 ml.

    Shampoo that strengthens weakened hair while adding volume. Based on organic rosemary juice combined with active ingredients approved by the KFDA that help prevent hair loss and strengthen the roots, providing volume to weakened hair.

    2. Real Grow Anti Hair Loss Stimulating Scalp · 120 ml.

    Use the Scalp Stimulating Spray to strengthen fine, thinning hair and quickly rebuild hair follicles, providing the scalp with the nutrients it needs for natural hair growth.

    ✓ Ideal for thin and weakened hair. ✓ Use it to strengthen your hair and to show off a healthy and voluminous mane. ✓ Prevents hair loss, as well as instantly soothes and revitalizes the scalp. ✓ Strengthens fine and weakened hair while helping to quickly rebuild hair follicles, providing the scalp with the nutrients it needs for natural hair growth.

    1. Shampoo: Apply to damp hair and massage into a light lather. Let it act for 3-5 minutes and rinse it with plenty of water. It has been formulated for daily use. No need to use a conditioner after use. 2. Spray: You can use it wet or dry. Spray evenly throughout the scalp until well hydrated, but not drenched. Gently massage into scalp with fingertips. No need to clarify. Comb to your liking. It is recommended to use it daily.

    You can consult the complete list of ingredients in the individual tab of each product.

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