Prickly pear: a superfood for your skin

    Did you know that the prickly pear considerably improves spots and wrinkles and also its use does not impact the environment?

    The prickly pear or nopal , also known as prickly pear or prickly pear, is a plant from the cactus family that provides multiple benefits at all levels, being considered a superfood, not only for your body, but also for your skin and even your hair.

    Here are some of its powerful benefits:

    Perfect for oily skin

    Prickly pear cellulose balances the skin's pH, which controls oil production, excess shine, and the appearance of blemishes. As if that weren't enough, it has different amino acids that act as a gentle exfoliant and remove dead cells.

    Goodbye spots and wrinkles

    Helps eliminate skin blemishes, reduces wrinkles and hydrates the complexion thanks to the vitamin C and E present in its active ingredients.

    It is rich in vitamins that prevent aging and even out skin tone, such as vitamins A, C, and E. When applied regularly, its results translate into fewer visible wrinkles, whitening of spots, reduction of scars, and smoothness on the face. .

    Powerful moisturizer

    Specialists have discovered that the mucilage contained in the prickly pear is capable of forming a protective layer that retains water and regenerates the skin. In fact, this substance is made up of highly moisturizing active ingredients such as glycerol, sorbitol and propylene glycol that help maximize the moisturizing effect, making it the perfect ally for dry skin.

    Cleanser for all skin types

    It also turns out to be an ideal cleanser for all skin types since, thanks to its properties, it soothes sensitive skin, renews aged dermis, prevents water loss from dry complexions and provides the perfect balance for oily skin.


    And something that we also love at Tōke Natura is that the use of prickly pears does not impact the ecosystem and is low cost.

    Can you ask for anything more?

    Do not take any longer to incorporate it into your beauty routine and that is why we leave you our favorite Whamisa routine so that it can serve as inspiration:

    Whamisa Fresh Cactus Routine

    Step 1. Fresh Cactus Purifying Tonic Whamisa

    Step 2. Fresh Cactus Prickly Pear Whamisa Mask

    Step 3. Fresh Cactus Bouncy Whamisa Serum

    Step 4. Fresh Cactus Purifying Whamisa facial mist

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