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    I think that none of us are saved from saying that fatigue, stress and haste have not affected us in our lives at some point. Our skin is our letter of introduction and it is impossible to hide the signs that stress can cause us. Some of the most common reactions are: tight skin, acne and pimples without apparent causes and redness. All this is a symptom of external agents that affect our skin.

    But don't worry, at some point it has happened to all of us and that is why we are going to explain how to treat it and how natural Korean cosmetics can help you combat stress.

    How do I know if my skin is suffering from stress?

    The most visible symptoms are dull or dehydrated skin, lack of luminosity, obstruction of the pores and greater segregation of fat with the consequent unpleasant acne.

    You don't have to suffer from all of them and it will depend a lot on your skin type, but surely you have felt identified with some of them. If you are one of those who suffer from dehydration, you will surely notice your skin tighter with a feeling of constant dryness. You can see more wrinkles and signs of expression, all the result of that dehydration.

    There are usually two types of factors that are going to influence this type of skin the most and they are changes in temperature and emotional changes. All this leads to redness and uncomfortable itching and even pimples and sporadic acne breakouts will appear on many occasions. Finally, another factor that we cannot forget is a poor quality of sleep that will lead to the appearance of bags and dark circles.

    In short, if you suffer from some kind of imbalance in your day-to-day life, your skin will be affected and it will be a reflection of it.

    Don't be discouraged, this is part of our daily life and we can't always change external factors, but we can implement small positive changes that will help us relax and take care of our skin.

    How can we combat stress?
    • Be disciplined with your beauty routine, take time for yourself. Take those few minutes alone and try to relax and enjoy your daily care routine.
    • Take advantage of natural Korean cosmetics, avoid chemical substances that can cause adverse reactions and make use of natural or organic cosmetics with main ingredients from nature itself.
    • Twice a week or at least once, preferably before your weekend, do an exfoliation to help you cleanse your skin in depth, removing all accumulated dirt.
    • Always have a facial steamer on hand to help keep your skin always hydrated. They absorb in seconds and won't mess up your makeup

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    It takes a lot to shine without makeup. It takes courage, strength, self-esteem and a good serum.